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The quality and speed of our services have built our reputation
The quality and speed of our services have built our reputation


Robot Mower

Robot mowers (automower) will make you enjoy your yard more.

Irrigation system

Irrigate your flowerbeds, flower bands, shrubs, lawn, etc.

Outdoor Lightning

Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy your outdoor evenings all summer long!

Serving a vast territory, Irrigation Memphré is a company that mainly offers the installation of irrigation systems, lighting systems and robot mowers (automowers).

Memphré Irrigation's mission is to give our customers time to enjoy their outdoor yard. With our automated irrigation systems, robot lawn mowers and exterior lighting systems, our customers have time to admire a well-cut and perfectly green lawn. More flower beds that light up the eyes day and night. Have time for your family or simply take advantage of the water's edge to go sailing without having to worry about coming back to mow the lawn without disturbing the neighbors.

In hot weather, he can take a few hours a day to water his lawn himself, cut it and finally, darkness is on the horizon. Let the sprinkler system and our robot lawn mowers take care of your lawn.

The entire Irrigation Memphré team guarantees tailor-made work that meets your ambitions. She will carry out your projects according to your needs, your schedule and your budget.
Dealer Rain Bird, Alliance Lighting, Unique, FX Luminaire, Vista, Brilliance LED, Irritrol, Toro, Hunter, Rachio, Maxijet, we have selected them for their great reliability.

Here are the locations of the main activities for several years:
Magog, Sherbrooke, Austin, Knowlton, Stukely, North Hatley, Hatley, Orford, Racine, St-Élie d'Orford, Ayer's Cliff, Sainte-Catherine de Hathley, Lake Memphremagog, Lake Lovering, Lake Magog, Lake Brome, Lake Massawipi, Lac Brompton, Bromont, Lac Stukely, Lac Fraser, Lac Aylmer, Lac Louise, Lac Malo, Lac Elgin, Saint Etienne de Bolton, Bolton, Foster, Waterloo, Ascot Corner and much more.

Whether you are in the Estrie, Asbestos, South Shore, Bas-Saint-Laurent or Montérégie regions, we can serve you.

We only use quality brands

Repair services, even in scuba diving

You have submersible pumps (Franklin, Grundfos, Berkeley, Goulds) that supply different water needs, we specialize in submersible pump repair, maintenance and replacement. We have training and certification in scuba diving for the more difficult places to access.

We also repair any damaged sprinkler or lighting systems.


Irrigation Memphré
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